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"The Melford Terminal is expected to generate initial annual
expenditures in Nova Scotia and the rest of Canada of about $1.1 billion. This estimate can be broken down by category as follows:

· Terminal operations: $62.0 million,
· General services: $82.0 million,
· Bunkering: $420.0 million,
· Rail shipping: $470 million,
· Logistics: $64.0 million,

The estimates are based on projected levels of operation and expected activities during the first year of operation, which is expected to see approximately 150 ship visits with an average of 5,000 TEU per ship and a total of 750,000 TEUs for the year. At full operation, the Terminal is expected to handle 260 ships annually.

Based on the calculations of the Economic Impact Study (Gardner Pinfold Consulting Economists Ltd., February 2008), about 1,750 direct PY (annual) are created in Nova Scotia during operation, with 2,000 spin-off jobs created elsewhere in the economy for a total of 3,800 PY. These numbers will rise as the Terminal reaches full capacity." (e.p.1)
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1. 'Melford International Terminal Environmental Assessment, Final Report', Section 2 - Project Description, p. 17, sec. 2.6.7 'Operation Costs and Labour Requirements'