Interest Rate Management

An interest rate is basically a rate in which money is charged or paid for its use.external image mortgage-rates.jpg

To manage interest rates is important for banks because they need to charge high enough interest to gain a profit from the borrowed money as well as pay out interest for annuities and such agreements. Although the government manages the prime rate, the minimum interest rate for financial institutions, the banks add to it to attain profit level.

It is just as important for businesses as well, they need to assure that the interest they pay is less than they can earn; whether it be from bank loans, investments, or bonds. They tend to use economists, mathematicians, or financial firms to aid them in making logical decisions.

In the case of the privately owned Maher-Melford Terminal, who needs to attain private funding for capital necessary for its growth.

external image 101202v1-max-250x250.jpgThey have partnered with "Cyrus Capital Parnters" (C.C.P.), a registered US investment advisor and currently their biggest backer, and with "Trident Holdings Inc.", a Halifax based company that provides Interim Management services (temporary provision of management resources and skills), access to capital, and advice to entrepreneurs and corporations seeking to market nexternal image trident-400.pngew technologies, among other services.

To this day, C.C.P., Trident, and various Nova Scotia businessmen aid in the development of the terminal.

Currently, Maher-Melford is holding on new investments until interest rates improve in their favour, so that they minimize the interest needed to be paid in the future. They are being careful to avoid high interest rates so that they are able to pay whatever interest charges they meet with the amount of money they earn according to their economic estimates.


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