Employment Issues

Modern longshore workers securing a container. (credit world shipping.org)

The Maher-Melford Container Terminal will pose a number of challenges to the local area's workforce but will also provide major opportunities for potential employees from the area as well as those who have moved to other areas for work.

The construction and labour fields of the necessary employment base of the Maher-Melford
Container Terminal can be filled mainly from workers in from Strait Area and surrounding communities as well as from potential employees from other parts of the province.

Although many jobs provided by the terminal to the area can be filled by workers from the area,
there are a number of specialized areas of the employment sector that may need to be filled by workers from other areas. Some of the larger construction initiatives brought about by the terminal project will require engineering firms, while the terminal itself will require workers in the field of logistics, in order to keep the terminal at maximized working order. The introduction of the terminal will also require the presence of Canadian Border Services Agency in order to process the influx of products into the area and into Canada.

The introduction of the Maher-Melford Container Terminal has the potential to provide a number of jobs both in the general labour and construction fields as well as specialized fields to an area where employment issues have been a concern for many years.
Longshore Men working the old way. (free license)